Advice for road users during Severe Weather

Posted on Dec 02, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Tips to keep you safe on your journey.

Severe weather such as high winds, fog, ice and snow can strike suddenly during the current Winter period catching Irish road users off guard.

As part of our Winter-Ready Campaign we have compiled the following useful links that you can refer to before you set off on your journey. You can check if there are any problems on your proposed route and make alternative plans accordingly.

Some useful links;

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Is Your Journey really necessary?

During severe weather warnings you should ask yourself if driving to your proposed destination is absolutely necessary? If not you should consider delaying your trip until the weather and road conditions improve. If using the roads in such conditions is unavoidable make sure that you are well prepared. It is essential that you drive with care and caution and expect the unexpected.

Is Your Car Ready for Winter?

Be prepared for the challenges of Winter Driving. Don't get caught out when severe weather strikes.

Obviously you should get a pre Winter service to ensure your car is fit and safe for winter driving. You should also carry out regular checks on the vehicle.

See our blog “Get Your Car Winter Ready” for tips on how the cold can damage your car and be informed about what you can do to check that your car is Winter ready.

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