Top 5 websites for Car Enthusiasts

Posted on October 20th, 2016 at 2:00 PM

You can find a wealth of information online on almost any topic nowadays, but it can be hard to distinguish between the experts and the pretenders. For the car industry, this is especially true. There are hundreds of websites offering their opinion but you want to ensure the car review, advice or news articles you’re reading are coming from someone who actually knows what they are talking about. So here at, Ireland’s leading garage comparison website, we have searched the world wide web to bring you the top five best car industry websites.


  With over 9.2 million visitors to the site every month, offers something for every type of driver.

New Car Buyers

Autoblogs consumer resources are extremely useful for those contemplating a new purchase. The car comparison tool allows users to compare three top car models for price, features, performance and cost of ownership What’s more, the Autoblog 360 app allows users to virtually shop any car from the comfort of their own home.


For the environmentally conscious consumer, the sub-blog Autoblog Green provides all the latest news and commentary on sustainable driving. There’s no denying that the future is looking green, with growing concerns for climate change car manufactures are increasingly incorporating electric cars into their product portfolio.

Why read this blog - Broad range of content

Website -

2. Jalopnik

  Jalopnik provides readers with the latest automotive news, opinion articles and humorous content. If you are looking for the most honest reviews, look no further, Jalopnik don’t hold back the punches. Or if you’re simply looking for a good laugh this is the blog for you.

From their ongoing feature “Nice Price or Crack Pipe” to the catalogue of the best car videos online, this blog is guaranteed to knock a laugh out of you.

Why read this blog - Humour and honest reviews

Website -

3. Changing Lanes

  Representing the Irish sense of humour is independent Irish blog run by Irish car blogger Caroline Kidd. Changing Lanes provides readers with opinion articles, car reviews and links to Caroline’s YouTube channel. Similar to Jalopnik, Changing Lanes is the place to go for a honest car reviews.

Why read this blog - Irish Humour (the best kind of humour) and honest reviews

Website -

4. BMW Blog

  Our top pick for car brand blogs, is BMW. Pushing the boundaries of design and innovation, BMW’s blog provides us with a glimpse of the future landscape of our roads through their range of concept cars.

Why read this blog - Design and Innovation

Website -

5. Top Gear

  Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, the website has some great content for car enthusiasts. Regularly updated, the Top Gear website features latest industry news and extensive car reviews which you can search for using the make, type, or price filter. The best part however is the video vault which has a collection of short clips and behind the scenes from the show.

Why read this blog - Extensive Reviews and Video Vault

Website -


Some more websites that didn’t quite make the cut off but are well worth checking out are:

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