10 Easy Steps to Save Money On Fuel

Posted on October 14th, 2016 at 10:00 AM

A recent survey by AA Ireland revealed that Irish motorists on average spend €200 a month on fuel. Our cars are often the easiest way of getting from A to B, but fluctuating fuel prices are not making things any easier on our pockets. With this in mind, we have complied a list of 10 easy steps which will improve your fuel economy and save you money.

1. Remove Weight

Take all unnecessary bulky items out of your car. Your golf clubs, child’s buggy, tools, pairs of old shoes etc., are just adding extra weight. Removing them can reduce the amount of fuel your car is burning. This also applies to driving with a full tank of fuel. Depending on the size of your tank, it could be costing you.

2. Basic Maintenance

Driving with tyres underinflated by just 15psi can mean a loss of fuel economy of about 6%. In the long run this can add up to a significant waste of fuel – and money. Check they are inflated to the optimum level at least once a month. Keeping your car well maintained and serviced regularly will also help to improve its fuel efficiency.

3. Plan Your Journeys

This can be difficult to manage, but as much as possible try to combine your errands into one journey. This will stop you making multiple trips in and out to town. If you are travelling to an unfamiliar area, make sure to plan your route and use your map or sat nav. Finally, check traffic reports before leaving. Avoiding traffic black spots will save you time and money.

4. Be Aware of Your Driving Style

By far the biggest factor in fuel economy is the person behind the wheel. Your driving style (how much your brake, rev, overtake etc.) will affect fuel consumption much more than any other factor. Be gentle and change gear early. Read the road ahead of you and avoid unnecessary acceleration and braking.

5. Don’t Idle

Yes, starting your car does use a burst of fuel, but not as much as letting your car run while stopped for long periods. So turn off your engine if you think you will be waiting for longer than 1 minute.

6. Turn Off The Air Conditioning

Unless its very stuffy, leave the air conditioning off. It puts an unnecessary strain on your engine and burns more fuel.

7. Turn On The Cruise Control

If you have cruise control in your car, make the most of it. Maintaining a consistent steady speed will burn less fuel especially over long distances. It is also a good way to avoid going over the speed limit. So take your foot off the peddle and let the car do the work.

8. Reduce Drag

Items like roof racks, bike racks and even mud flaps are affecting your cars fuel efficiency. Get aerodynamic and remove any of these items when they are not in use.

9. Slow Down

This is an obvious one, but What Car? research shows that doing 80mph uses up to 25% more fuel than doing 70mph. Is it worth spending more money just to arrive a few minutes earlier? Probably not.

10. Don’t Go Out of Your Way to Save a Few Cents

Of course it’s a good idea to shop around to get the best price on fuel, but don’t go out of your way just to save a few cents. The extra driving time could even be costing you more.

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